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Narrative Imagination and Everyday Life

Narrative Imagination

A new book by Molly Andrews, Professor of Political Psychology at UEL and Co-director of the Centre for Narrative Research, looks at the links between stories and imagination and how they affect the way we live.

Narrative Imagination and Everyday Life, published by Oxford University Press, focuses specifically on ageing, education and politics.

‌It is the first book to study in detail the role that imagination plays in narrative psychology

Combining scholarly research with personal reflection, Andrews examines how story and imagination are interwoven in the diverse spheres of academic scholarship, aging, education and politics.

Drawing on her extensive experience as a researcher, she examines the role of narrative imagination when listening to different ‘others’, asking if it is ever possible to understand suffering one has not known.

She explores what kind of stories influence our thinking about who we are becoming in our aging selves. On education, she looks at the dynamics of the teacher-student relationship and the stultifying effect of some educational practices and policies on the imagination; the goal of responsible education, she argues, should be to instil in students a sense of global citizenship, which relies upon the ability to imagine difference.

In the substantial discussion on political narratives, Andrews analyses the rhetoric of Barack Obama, describing him as one of the most strategic storytellers of our time.

Listen to Molly’s Podcast for the National Centre for Research Methods.

Read Molly’s blog post for the Oxford University Press.

Narrative Imagination and Everyday Life

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Molly-AndrewsMolly Andrews is Professor of Political Psychology and Co-director of the Centre for Narrative Research. With an interest in the intersection of individual biography and society, for the past twenty years she has been listening to, and writing about, the stories which people tell about their lives, specifically focussing on their perception of the political world and their role within it. Read Molly’s academic profile.


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