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Film and the Psycho-Cultural


UEL’s Psychosocial Studies Research Group has teamed up with the Freud Museum, London and the Centre for Research in Film and Audiovisual Cultures at the University of Roehampton, to host a one day symposium exploring film and emotional experience.

‘Film and the Psycho-Cultural: Objects, Relatedness, Process’ takes place on Saturday 31 May (11am-6pm) at the Freud Museum London.

The symposium sets out to explore the ways in which film and film-work play an important part in creating new spaces for engagement with emotional experience. Cinema has long been held up as a form of ‘dream-screen’ environment, allowing for the playing out of fantasy in relation to desire and forms of identity. However, film also sometimes serves as an object of the mind, an object to be used or taken in, in order better to navigate the complex terrain of feeling that cinema can evoke for us. In this way, films allow us to question patterns of relatedness in the world and to reflect on the importance of thinking about process as a way of understanding the realities of emotional life.

For further information and booking details click here.

This event is being organised as part of the ‘Media and the Inner World network’, an AHRC research network that brings together academics, psychotherapists and media professionals to explore the role of emotion in media and popular culture. The network is run jointly its Directors Dr. Caroline Bainbridge (Reader in Visual Culture, University of Roehampton) and Dr. Candida Yates (Reader in Psychosocial Studies, University of East London).

As with other projects in the Media and the Inner World network, this event is informed by object relations psychoanalysis and invites psychoanalysts and psychotherapists into dialogue with academics and media creatives.

The symposium will be followed by a drinks reception at to launch ‘Psychoanalysis and Popular Culture’ book series , published by Karnac Books and edited by Caroline Bainbridge and Candida Yates.


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