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UEL Seminars tackle life on the borders

UEL’s Centre for Research on Migration, Refugees and Belonging is hosting two new events as part of its Borders and Bordering Seminar Series.

The first seminar,  ‘Affect, Borders and Bordering’  takes place on Monday 28 April and will explore perspectives developed within the ‘affective turn’ to understand issues related to borders and bordering in different transnational contexts.

The seminar welcomes Italian researcher Virginia Signorini who will present her research into the cyclical nature of the asylum system in Italy, and Ron Cambridge,a Senior Lecturer at London Metropolitan University, who will focus on Migrant mothers in Higher Education.

The second seminar titled ‘The Sexual Lives of Borderlanders – Hijras on the Bangladesh-India Border’ takes place on Monday 19 May and will be presented by Dr. Delwar Hussain from the University of Edinburgh.

Boropani is a coal-mining district situated on the Bangladesh-India Border. It is one of the largest land-ports between the two countries, dedicated exclusively to the import and export of coal. Amongst the thousands of seasonal, long and short term migrant workers to the area are hijras, traditionally known as the ‘third sex’. Members of the community travel from all across Bangladesh to participate in the coal trade. Dr Hussain’s paper looks at what draws the hijras here, to what is ostensibly a male-dominated industry. It presents an alternative argument to how hijras are presented in popular and established understandings and academic literature, placing them firmly within a larger political economy of cross border resource extraction and sociality.

Both events take place from 4-6pm, at UEL Docklands Campus.

Further information about the seminar series is available on the Centre for Research on Migration, Refugees and Belonging website.


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