UEL Research News

The latest research news and events from the University of East London

Institutes, Centres and Groups

Research Institutes, Centres and Groups at UEL provide a focus for research activity and reflect the variety and innovation of our research. Our dynamic and supportive research environment is led by academics who are committed to excellence in their field.


Institute for Health and Human Development

The Institute for Health and Human Development (IHHD) was set up in March 2006 and brings together expertise across the university to carry out research on health and wellbeing and their social, economic and cultural determinants.

Institute for Research in Child Development

The Institute for Research into Child Development (IRCD) acts as a focus for academic child development research in east London. IRCD is committed to work that allows us to understand the complex processes of development and those factors that have both positive and negative influences on development from birth onwards.

London East Research Institute

‌The London East Research Institute (LERI) has been established to connect the University’s research and consultancy strengths to issues of urban regeneration, drawing on a broad range of disciplines to provide strategic in-depth analysis of the past, present and future of the region.

Sustainability Research Institute

‌The Sustainability Research Institute has been established at UEL to research and develop the application of innovative eco-efficient technologies and processes, with a focus on changes in the physical infrastructure that benefit the environment and promote a carbon-neutral society.

Centres and Groups

Architecture, Computing and Engineering

Arts and Digital Industries

Education and Communities


Health, Sport and Bioscience

Law and Social Sciences



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